Cazare vile si pensiuni
Cazare Malaia

Malaia is located between Calimanesti-Caciulata spa town, well known for its thermal waters, and Vidra/Voineasa ski resorts. For those willing to explore or passionate of adventures we recommend Milk Cave (Pestera Laptelui), located on Rudareasa Valley.

Fantana Bratienilor - the access to the fountain is straight from the street where Casa Altfel is located, on Valea Satului (Village Valley), on the route to Bratieni Mountain. On that place, Vintila Bratianu (well known politician from beginning 20th century) built the fountain in 1925, near a 170 cm tall stone cross.

- Protected area Miru - Bora:
placed in a glacial hollow, one of the few glacial areas from Latorita Mountains (Bora Peak- 2055 m);

- Protected area Iezerul Latoritei:
upstream of Galbenu Lake, on Latorita Valley, with a surface of 10 ha, at 1500-1700 m altitude. Located on the upper part of Latorita river, the park also have a glacial lake, at the lower altitude from Carpathian Mountains (1530 m);

- Protected area Latoritei Gorge:
located between Latorita and Capatanii Mountains, on a surface of 1000 ha, at altitude between 650 and 1976 m, one of the most spectacular Romanian mountain valley;

- Protected area Piatra Tarnovului:
located in Capatanii Mountains, between Latorita and Repedea Valleys, at altitudes between 1459 and 1880 m, with a surface of 10 ha.