Casa Altfel - pensiune boutique
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Cazare Malaia

Casa Altfel este o pensiune boutique care va ofera relaxare la poalele muntilor. CSS Templates 2 CSS Templates 3 CSS Templates 4 Flash Templates 1
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Whenever you want a mountain escape or just to relax away from the stress of urban life, Casa Altfel is the perfect location. Located on the way to Transalpina, Casa Altfel is the first boutique boarding house in the heart of the Lotru Valley. We all like comfort, therefore Casa Altfel has great facilities which will provide you with:


Casa Altfel is located at the base of the Capatanii Mountains, within the Village Valley (Valea Satului), in the settlement of Malaia, off the national road DN7A. We carefully designed the boarding house by paying attention to every detail in order to create the ideal home away from home, a place to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. With this in mind, every room and apartment within the house has been decorated in a different style, with the intention to offer a unique experience to its guests.


- In the winter we recommend the recently opened ‘Trans-Alpina Ski Resort’;

- The angling season starts on the 1st May;

- The month of June is the month for mountain peony, which you can find on the alpine heights;

- Over the summer months you can experience the beautiful smell of linden and elderflower and the unique aroma of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries;

- 14th October – St. Paraschieva Parish Fair, Malaia.